The Person

I’m a young, self-taught French-American (by nationality) designer from Berlin, Germany. I have been designing for around 1826.21 days and have taught myself through YouTube, lots and lots of books, articles, and of course, most importantly, practice. I have worked in quite a few companies and taken classes in high school relevant to the raw backbone of design interaction. I love design with a burning passion and have a strong sense of positioning, color schemes, simplicity while still keeping all features, and I love describing each and every design I make and the process behind it. When I’m not designing, I enjoy shopping for new clothes, tweeting, talking to friends, or drinking a venti iced chai tea latte, light ice at Starbucks! I’m also a huge fan of soccer (not of any particular team, but rather the sport) and play whenever I have the chance to, no matter what the circumstances.


The Process

When I accept a client or work with/for a company, I have several principles I follow: I always work as close as possible to the client, draw out all concepts before continuing with a single one, and especially letting go completely of the mind by showing the client all of my iterations which came to the result, so they can perfectly associate to the full brand and identity of the work and can effectively reconvey initial ideas to a third party if necessary.

The Tools

I work on a MacBook Pro 15″ non-retina, with an Apple keyboard, and a Logitech mouse (or just the trackpad). I use either Apple earplugs or my Razer Kraken Pro headset (when talking to a client) to be able to listen to music on Rdio (Rdio caters more to my needs than Spotify). To get mail, I use Inky Mail on all devices and for communication I am used to Skype, Slack, or Trello. For design, I use a mixture of Adobe Photoshop CC 2014, Adobe Illustrator CC 2014, Adobe Indesign CC 2014, or Affinity Designer. For taking notes when I’m listening, I use nvALT, for coding I use Sublime Text, and for messaging to my clients via the phone on my computer, I use Telegram for Desktop.


Contact Me

If for whatever reason you need to contact me, feel free to shoot an email to hello @ the domain you are currently on .com (to protect from bots spamming, it’s You can also just shoot me an email to say hi or ask me for feedback on your work!